Five Steps to Fitness Success

By Pete Bellisano


Despite what you might see on TV infomercials or in newspaper ads, there is no magic bullet or miracle pill that will get you fit overnight. No matter what any glamorous hard-body spokesperson says about the newest "revolutionary" exercise machine, diet, or supplementation program- the fact is that achieving fitness success takes time and energy. You can bet that the spokesperson did not get his or her physique by using the "new, amazing de-fat-alizer" machine for 30 seconds a day! He or she is undoubtedly engaged in a fitness program that includes sensible diet and lots of exercise.

On the other hand, we believe that achieving fitness success is well within everyone's reach. This article will provide you with powerful, effective steps you can take RIGHT NOW that will jump-start your fitness program and get you on track to fitness success.


1. Make Changes TODAY!
2. Decide & Commit
3. Define Goals
4. Design Your Road Map
5. Feel Good!

Step 1: Make Changes TODAY!

Achieving FITNESS SUCCESS is all about making consistent incremental improvements over time. Like the power of compounding interest, implementing even small improvements can result in a cumulative snowballing effect that generates momentum, enthusiasm and results!

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Easy Fitness - Nutrition Fundamentals

By R Garcia


What you eat affects how you look and feel.

While we are supposed to be eating 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, we're eating closer to 3 servings. And when you get women out of the picture (they tend to eat more of the good stuff than men), only about one in five of us are eating as many servings as we should.

Meanwhile, we are eating a lot more meat than we need to eat. This is serious stuff. Not only because these eating habits tend to make us fat, but also because they predispose us to the chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and a variety of cancers that are the leading causes of death and disability.

In other words, the way most of us eat is quite literally killing us.

So What can we do about it?

Simple Changes
It's almost absurdly easy to eat a healthful diet that will keep you lean, stoked, and satisfied. Forget about learning the minutia of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. You don't have to become an expert in nutrition. You certainly don't have to turn your eating habits into some kind of religion.

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